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Relentless Heart

Her future looked desperate… …but she had a relentless spirit. Could she learn to love again?

Vietnamese Photojournalist Hien begins 1968 with great promise—a new husband, new family, and a pending move from Saigon to a new place, Indiana. With the Tet celebrations, plus a truce for the holiday, everything points to wonderful.

It wouldn’t last.

When her world explodes, she has a choice to make.

Will it be enough to save her family?

Indiana farmer Beau Salem helps everyone in need. But after lonely years of caring for his family and community, Hien brings old buried wounds to the surface.

Can he release his hidden pain?

What will it cost?

Set against the turbulent Vietnam era, you’ll love this passionate retelling, inspired by the book of Ruth, where two worlds collide, because this gripping tale won’t let you go.

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What I'm Working On

The Traveling Prayer Shawl is my first split time novel. Cami Madison has two projects dropped in her lap that have similar deadlines. She needs to give both projects her all or a lot of people will be affected. But can she do them both? Can she do one without the other? Launching March 2021, I am excited to share this book with you–I think you’re going to enjoy Cami’s story.

Getting ready for release
Editing phase 95%

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