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The Traveling Prayer Shawl

Her dream account just landed in her lap. So did the future of her family, and she's got two months to save them both.

Cami Madison’s grandmother died, leaving her with a task she must complete or all the inheritance goes to charity. Plus her boss handed her the ad campaign that will win her the coveted vice presidency opening.

Both have the same time table.

When she realizes the projects are interwined, things really start to unravel. 

Kate Hanson raised her granddaughter after the child became an orphan in a car accident. But not all scars are on the outside.

Can Kate’s last request help Cami to heal?

Will Cami be able to step up to the job?

You will love this split-time women’s romance because when family is on the line, everyone knows the only way to survive is wrapped in prayer.

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What I'm Working On

Sunny is the first first book in my newest trilogy The Weather Girls. Set in 1970 Kokomo, Indiana, three sisters, Sunny, Stormy, and Windy Day think they’ve returned home to heal their hearts. Instead, they band together to bring love to others and find it for themselves. Sunny has a bit of a romantic comedy feel and the sweetness that will keep you reading the whole series. Stay tuned to know when it is ready to release.

Getting ready for release
Editing phase 50%

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