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Cracklin' Rosie

She’s a strong-willed chiropractor. He’s an old-fashioned MD. Sparks fly—but will they burn them or make them sizzle?

When Rose Crackinbush D.C. sets up her modern (for the 1970s) practice in a new town, heaven help anyone who thinks chiropractors aren’t legitimate doctors.  Those naysayers will eat their words. Or she might make them cookies—she can be nice.

And if she can keep her temper about the town’s Jokester MD, she might win some new patients.

But this MD isn’t just a jokester. A dedicated family doctor, Brett Shoffner uses humor to help heal his patients. Only it seems newly-arrived lady chiropractors aren’t ready for his quips — no matter how pretty and smart they are. This specific lady chiropractor, not the quips.

Life would be so much easier for these two if they could avoid each other. But fate keeps throwing them together. Can they see beyond the symptoms and diagnose the real reasons behind their push-pull attraction?

And if so, will they choose the best cure?

Welcome back to 1972 Kokomo, Indiana in Cracklin’ Rosie, the fourth installment of the Weather Girls Wedding Shoppe and Venue series, where the Great Physician can adjust callings and purposes in ways never imagined.

You will enjoy Cracklin’ Rosie, a sweet, clean romcom inspired by Neil Diamond’s 1960’s song of the same title, because everyone knows that the plans we make don’t always end up as we thought they would.

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What I'm Working On

Ronnie is book five in the spin-off series–The Weather Girls Wedding Shoppe and Venue. Each book is a stand-alone but will tie back into the fun of the early 1970’s, Ferguson House, and of course, the Legend of the Cardinal. The book titles will all include girl-name titles of music from the 60s-early 70s.

Enjoy cowboy romcoms? See how Texans and Hoosiers make romance work.  Look for Ronnie to launch in June 12, 2024. 

Releasing Spring 2024
Editing 90%

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