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The Forgotten Gratitude Journal

He was her brother's best friend...
...And her first crush.
Now he's her new boss, the last person she needs to see.

Beloved teacher, Molly Cranston, fights haunting memories resurrected by her new assistant principal. Meanwhile her past collides with her present in the face of the anniversary of her twin brother’s death. This school year just isn’t off to a great start.
Can she find a way to remain professional?
Troubled administrator, RJ Johnson, transferred to this new district in hopes of a fresh beginning, never dreaming one of the teachers under his authority would be the sister of his best friend from high school. Or that she’d still hold a grudge after all these years.
Will her insecurities and his past destroy any chance at friendship?
Of course, when your contract prohibits a relationship with a staff member on your campus, anything more than working relationship hasn’t a chance. Right?
From the author of The Traveling Prayer Shawl, this split-time women’s fiction sprinkles in the right amount of romance and family healing.
You will enjoy The Forgotten Gratitude Journal because everyone remembers their first love.

Featured Books

Click the covers to learn more about The Weather Girls trilogy.

What I'm Working On

Sylvia’s Mother is book two in the spin-off series–The Weather Girls Wedding Shoppe and Venue. Each book is a stand-alone but will tie back into the fun of the early 1970’s, Ferguson House, and of course the Legend of the Cardinal. The book titles will all include girl-name titles of music from the 60s-early 70s. Look for Judy in Disguise coming up later this fall and then after Sylvia’s Mother will come Runaround Sue, Cracklin’ Rosie, and Help Me, Rhonda–just to name a few.

Cheryl’s Going Home--now available on Amazon, is the perfect bridge to tie the two series together.

Look for a late 2022 release of Sylvia’s Mother.

Releasing in late 2022 or early 2023
First Draft Phase 100%

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