Writing stories the heart remembers…

The Relentless Series

When all else fails, love relentlessly.

The years 1968 -1970 brought major changes. If you wanted to survive, you needed to be relentless. Come meet four women who beat the odds and embody the very word.

Relentless Heart – Hien, the Vietnamese photojournalist who lost it all but rose to love again.

Wedding Bell Blues – Thea, the kind-hearted caretaker who put her own heart on the back burner, but found love still could be sweet.

Relentless Joy – Val, the matriarch who developed and passed on the relentless spirit

Silver Bell Christmas – Melanie, who returned home broken, but found her relentlessness again.

You will adore with this series because who doesn’t long to see love triumph.

The Boxed Sets

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