Writing stories the heart remembers…

The Complete Kindle Collection

Their names inspired rock hits of the 1960s.

. . . And brought them plenty of teasing.

But could these songs predict their future?

Sunny, Stormy, and Windy Day had enough on their plates without being abandoned by their mother. However, if what they were called did anything, it made them stronger.

Check out these three stories, now available in one download.

Book One – Sunny
She got stood up on Valentine’s Day…
…Then she lost her job
Could the legend of the cardinal change her luck?

Book Two – Stormy
She doesn’t want to talk about it…
…He has no idea what he said.
Will these two ever learn to communicate?

Book Three – Windy
She grew up without a mother…
…but her little one wouldn’t.
Can the cardinal help her find true love?

Return to 1970 Indiana with The Weather Girls series for some peace, love, and Christian family values.

Bonus at the back of the set–Hooray for Hazel and her Wonderful Friends and Recipes. A Weather Girls cookbook!

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