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The Prodigal: The Crockett Chronicles: Book 3

This exciting Christian fiction, set in Colonial North Carolina is the third and final installment of the Historical Romance series, The Crockett Chronicles where the third generation of Crocketts learns about love and life and pirates. Hold on to your hat, Matey, this book holds high adventure on land and sea.

The Sojourners: The Crockett Chronicles: Book 2

Set in trurbulant Ireland at the close of the seventeenth century, this Christian Historical Romance, is a fictional account of the second generation of Crocketts who eventually brought the family to the American colonies. The Sojourners is a passionate fictional account of very real pioneers.

The Patriarch: The Crockett Chronicles: Book 1

For fans of Christian fiction, follow the inspirational historical romance, based on the actual ancestors of the famous frontiersman, Davy Crockett. Get swept away in the love story that started an American dynasty. All because an king decided to play matchmaker.

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