Take a moment to scroll through to learn about my books. The Crockett Chronicles trilogy is not only Historical Christian Romance, it’s my family. That’s right. These people really lived. Learning their story was difficult at best, so I used what little I could glean and made up the rest–historical fiction. Come meet my ancestors!

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The Patriarch

Sometimes a hero is born, sometimes he rises to the occasion, but sometimes being a hero runs in the family. See how it all began.

Antoine Desaure Permonette de Crocketagné, the dashing second in command of the Versailles palace guards for King Louis XIV, is about to have his world turned on its ear when the king’s beautiful and mysterious cousin, Louise de Saix, arrives for a visit. What begins as a matchmaking scheme on the part of the king turns into an assignment like none Antoine has ever experienced. Now he must decide what is right at a time when choosing right could mean great loss, including his life. Could Louise be a Huguenot spy? Who is this Matthew Maury? And if his king’s commands go against God’s, what will Antoine choose?

Louise, a distant and sheltered cousin of the king discovers two things during her first appearance at court—she is out of her element and the escort her host has provided stirs foreign emotions in her heart. Will her secret get her into trouble? Can Antoine be trusted? And if she finds her heart’s desire, what will it cost?

Set against the opulent world of seventeenth century Versailles, The Patriarch depicts a fictional account, based on factual information, involving the first Crockett in the lineage of the famous frontiersman, Davy Crockett.

The Sojourners

A little trust can go a long way, but can it build a bridge to connect wounded hearts?

Joseph Louis Crockett buried one wife and vows to never again be hurt. In his pain, he’s unsure how to be a father to his motherless newborn. Longtime friend, Sarah Stewart, has been laden with a promise she never thought she’d have to keep—to care for the baby and Joseph, the man who broke her heart.

This is a story of families and friends journeying together, lifting and ministering to one another, one generation to the next, as they grow in personal faith. Will Sarah be able to keep her word? Can love overcome promises, duty and fear? Will Joseph learn to trust God to receive what his heart most desires?

Amidst the backdrop of turbulent Ireland at the close of the seventeenth century, The Sojourners documents, in fictional form, the step-by-step journey that brought the ancestors of Davy Crockett from Ireland to the American Colonies.


The Prodigal

If someone does the wrong thing for all the right reasons, is it still wrong?

William Crockett was born at sea in the middle of a storm, one that still wants to rage inside him. His life swirls full of secrets and bumblings and good intentions. But when he learns of an innocent girl about to be destroyed, he takes matters into his own hands, not considering the ramifications.

Elizabeth Boulay lost her family—one by one—and now must escape or lose her freedom. Willie Crockett offers an idea, but can she trust this man she just met? Can he really help her hide in plain sight? And how long can they keep her identity secret?

Thrown together on this high-seas adventure, the last thing Willie and Elizabeth need is to fall in love and risk exposing her. Can they find the mercy needed to make things right? And, if they do, will they recognize it when they see it?

This third and final book in The Crockett Chronicles series is set in colonial North Carolina 1730 and aboard ship during the Golden Age of Sail. The Prodigal firmly establishes the Crockett family on American soil and reveals how the family legacy continues. If you enjoyed The Patriarch and The Sojourners, you will love this third generation of Crocketts in The Prodigal.

Crockett Chronicles Genealogy

I was asked by a friend if I had a chart to show how I was related to Davy Crockett and how he was related to Antoine. I didn’t so I made this. It is pretty simple (though it was a challenge for me to make) and shows few spouses or siblings. But it gives you the idea, and I found photos to go with all the generations between me and Colonel David Crockett.