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About Me

Let's Get Acquainted

Since you asked. . . (and even if you didn't) , I wear many hats. The one most relevant to this post is my Writer Hat. I've been wearing it since I first watched my mother type out stories for her mail-order writing class. I was fascinated with her Underwood Typewriter so she let me try it. I was hooked and have written stories and pieces ever since. 

I am also a retired teacher, an ardent fan of crocheting and a DYI kind of girl.

The guy with the sweetest kiss in the world is my hubs of going-on 39 years, affectionately known as Mr. Grumpy Pants.  Together we've raised three of the most beautiful and intelligent daughters ever, who were smart enough to marry three of the most handsome and wonderful young men around. I have often said my sons-in-law are the best on the planet. You're going to have to trust me on this.

And then there are the grands. Yep, I know I don't look it, but I am a grandmother of an ingenious fifth grader--Stinkerbelle--and a precocious toddler--OB1. They make me laugh, cry and brag more than I ever expected. 

I saved the most important of all  for last. I am I child of the King of kings. He has blessed me beyond reason and has never left me alone. I write for His glory.

That's me. Well, there's a lot more I could add, but for now, that's enough of an introduction.

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