Writing stories the heart remembers…

A girl without a family. A man whose family cut him off. And a world where the good and not so good guys are mixed.

Val had worked for as long as she could remember, using her voice and her wits to keep her walls up. Somehow, Jimmy broke through her barriers but now that she needs him, will he be there for her?
Jimmy put himself though West Point to become an officer and a gentleman despite his family. He’s always charged ahead after what he wanted, but now that he’s met Val, he might need to put his dreams aside to save her.
At a time when his idols are toppling, can Jimmy stand for what’s right?
And when all she has left is fear, can Val find her way out of the crumbling walls of her life to something better?
This third installment of the Christian historical romance series Relentless, inspired by the story of Rahab, shows you how the Salem and Wheaten families got started. Join Jimmy and Val in 1932. Fall in love with how this saga began because when you tear down the walls, there’s room for joy to grow.

Coming October 2020

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The Relentless Series

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